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Our Mission:

Our mission is "Veterans First", our commitment to all Veterens and their families.  Veterens in need alike will reflect in all we do as we strive to Honor all who served.

The American Legion Post is not a club, but a Post for all Military Veterans who share common experiences.  Let us show respect to one another and everyone who patronizes our Post.  That is who we are.

Priority Goals:

  •  Veterans First:  Our Veterans will always be our #1 Priority at Post 332. 
  •  Create new events for our Veterans and continue to raise money to donate to their needs 
  •  We must continue recruiting for they are our future Legionnaires who will continue our legacy and represents the Legions future. 
  •  Put programs together so our younger Veterans can get involved to reach these goals. 

Meat Raffles are Sundays at 12PM and Wednesdays at 6PM.  Proceeds go towards scholarships.

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Post 332

221 W. Main St., Rockton, IL 61072

(815) 624-7350 rocktonlegion@gmail.com


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