2017-2018 Post 332 Officers

American Legion Womans Auxiliary

Commander: Ruben Hernandez
Sr. Vice: Leroy Peters
Jr. Vice: Ryan Gailey
Fin. Officer: Robert Quimby
Adjutant: Richard Shaw
Chaplain: Dennis Stien
Sgt. At Arms: Bruce Weigel
Asst. Sgt. At Arms: Earl Perkins
Service Officer: Ryan Gailey
Historian: Vacant

President: Sandee Merten
1st Vice: Kathy Starver
2nd Vice: Vacant
Treasurer: Penny Pfile
Historian: Deb Pontenberg
Chaplain: Jackie Floyd
Sgt. At Arms: Nancy Hopkins
Asst. Sgt. At Arms: Vacant
Secretary: Gloria Marcum
Parliamentarian: Vacant
Sons of the American Legion American Legion Riders
Commander: Ralph Kramer
Sr. Vice: Chris Franz
Jr. Vice: Allen Turner
Adjutant: Ralph Kramer
Fin. Officer: Chris Franz
Judge Advocate: Ralph Kramer
Chaplain: Jim Hoard
Sgt. At Arms: Nicholas Rodriguez
Service Officer: Vacant
Historian: Vacant
President: Chris Franz
Vice President: John Floyd
Secretary: Chris Franz
Treasurer: Willie Conklin
Rifle Squad
Commander: Duane Thompson
Vice Commander: Everett Pfile
Jr. Vice Commander: Kary Krebbs
Quarter Master: Richard Shaw
Sec. & Tres. : James Griffin
Chaplain: Tim Stein
Assist. Chaplain: Les Myers